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 Christopher Laird is an author from Detroit, Michigan. He has been writing science fiction since he was 15 years old. He has only now realized his dream of publishing two best selling novels(ORIGINS AND ETERNITY'S PAST). Mr. Laird is also working on a stage play for his upcoming short story THE TRUE MEANING OF CHRISTMAS:FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF AN ALIEN,which is the third book of the ORIGINS series.

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Christopher Laird is a graduate of Wayne State Univeristy in Detroit, Michigan. Mr. Laird is currently studying at Harvard University to  deepen his understanding of Psychology. Mr. Laird is  also an active member of The Detroit Institute Of Arts and The Detroit Zoo to help them to become world recognized institutions.

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Join Christopher Laird as he reaches new bounds in his journey to write compelling stories. He currently has stories that will be adapted into stage plays and his Amazon best selling novel ORIGINS is in the process of hopefully being optioned for a motion picture. Keep up to date with Chris Laird as he continues to usher us into a new era of science fiction. Join his Facebook fan page to keep up with him. You can also check out the news section on this site.