In the 28th century, the human race finds itself embroiled in a pitiless and ferocious life-or-death struggle with an alien race which is resolved to destroy them. The Ramassidors are not only malevolent, they are also highly advanced. There’s also something else about them, however. Concealed and obscure, they have an agenda which is higher than mere conquest.  Michael Stratford is part of Deltacore, the military force assigned to Interstellar combat. He is a genuine decorated war hero and the captain of the Horizon, but he knows that humanity is losing this fight and he wants answers. As Stratford begins to question the war and the designs of the Ramassidors, he makes enemies who not only lie to him, but who also want him dead. And as he closes in on the truth he reveals something truly shocking. Extinction of the universe is imminent if Stratford fails his task.

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Following the struggle between the Ramassidors and the humans of the Deltacore Interstellar Military, which left millions dead, Captain Michael Stratford battled to secure the particle that gave the power of God to Xona, who Stratford eventually killed. But despite her defeat Xona has other ideas, and as she is restored back to her former self she sets out to take the particle once more, to give her the ultimate power she seeks. Traveling back in time to the Earth of 1941, Stratford is determined to prevent his mortal enemy from finding a container that has been discovered by the Nazis in their remote and secret base in Antarctica. Within the container, unbeknown to the Nazis, is the particle. In a chaotic race against time, can Stratford once again save the Universe before the Nazis open the container and Xona becomes too powerful to stop?

You can purchase this book at, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and all major retail outlets.